Yoga Immunity Guard Practices

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The ancient Yogis appear to me as very advanced.  In this short yet potent blog post, I am here to share yogic techniques that i am using to guard myself and my family from the Corona Virus (and all other viruses) and sharing the science behind them.

These practices have kept my immunity super even though i engage in them for the very selfish purpose of preparing my body and respiratory passage for yogic breath and life force expansion techniques or pranayama.

Please note that this does not constitute medical advice.



Jala Neti

a.k.a sinus rinse.

Yoga has 6 kriyas or cleansing techniques to  keep the internal body clean. I think of jala neti as bathing my sinuses.

It involves pouring lukewarm salt water into one nostril while tilting teh head and allowing it to flow out of the other nostril. It sounds really weird, but you have to do it to feel teh incredible feeling after. It has been around since ancient times in India and got introduced to the western world and is now recommended by ENT drs worldwide.

How to practice:

1. Purchase a good quality neti pot. (Do not buy anything besides a neti pot). If you have sinus, inflamed adenoids or other chronic issues, this neti pot will work better.

2. fill the neti pot with lukewarm water. Add kosher/ non iodised sea salt (2.5 gms per 500 ml of water).  Variations must be made for people with a dry nose etc. Check with a qualified practicing yoga teacher for guidance.

3. Tilt your head to one side. Keep the chin down to prevent water from going to the head.

4. Opening your mouth, begin to breathe through the mouth.

5. Put the spout of the neti pot to the upper nostril and seal with gentle pressure.

6. Allow the saline water to pass through the nose and out through the other nostril till the pot is empty.

7. keep the head tilted for a while to allow for the excess water to drain.

8. Blow your nose so excess water an mucous can drain.

9. Repeat with other nostril.

10. Complete with a brisk 40-60 pumpkings of kapal bhati to dry up any residual water.


For the benfits of jala neti, Im quoting the Journal of Ayurdeva and Integrative Medicine.

Neti cleanses cranium, gives clear sight and alleviates diseases which manifest above the root of the neck (Hatha Yoga Pradipika verse 30). Neti removes foreign bodies like allergens, dust and enhances the drainage of sinuses by preventing stasis of mucus. It also increases blood circulation and functional efficiency of the nasal mucosaNeti provides a relaxing and irrigating effect upon the eyes by stimulating the tear ducts and glands. It has a positive effect on cognitive faculties like memory, concentration and is beneficial in reducing anxiety and depression. By the systematic practice of neti, secretory and drainage mechanisms of the entire ear, nose and throat area are well maintained. This helps to keep at bay conditions like sinusitis, cold, cough, allergic rhinitis and insensitivity to smell [9].

From our review, we have found that neti can effectively be applied in conditions like sinusitis, rhinitis, rhinosinusitis and allergic rhinitis


As for my own experience, my chronic sinusitis disappeared and its an INCREDIBLE feeling!




Sutra Neti

Sutra Neti is designed to clear the nasal passage to get rid of mucous, bacteria and to ease allergies and asthmas (by helping desensitize the sensitive inner tissue)

Sutra Neti requires the insertion of a thread or a special type of rubber tube into the nostril in a way that it comes out of the mouth. This thread then dislodges mucous and debris and helps clear the nasal passages. It is also dislodges nasal polyps. Regular practice of sutra neti alleviates symptoms caused by a deviated nasal septum. An advanced version of this practice can completely reverse a deviated septum.

How to practice:

1.  Relax the entire body using deep slow breathing.

2. lubricate a 4mm rubber catheter with unrefined sesame oil or clarified butter/ghee.

3.   Tilting the head backwards, gently insert the narrow end of the catheter into one nostril.

4. Keep the mouth open, head tilted back and gently ease the catheter down the nose. eventually it will come out at the mouth. 

5. When this happens, it is possible to experience a momentary gag reflex or feeling of retching. Reach for the end of the catheter and gently draw it out of the mouth.

6. now gently floss the passage  of the nose and mouth with slow gentle movements.

7. gently remove. Wash all dislodged mucous off. 

8. Wash the catheter and repeat on the other side.

Note: While this is not at all painful, it is likely to have the secretion of tears from the eyes. Please practice sutra neti under supervision of a trained yoga teacher well versed in this practice.




Nasya is a gift from Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga. Of all of the technqiues, its the easiest to do, but definietly more efficient if practiced with jala neti.

Nasya is the nasal inhalation of herbalized oils into the sinuses, which has many benefits. The most unique benefit is supporting cleansing of lymphatic vessels in the brain called the sagittal sinus or tarpaka kapha. The saggital sinus is just under the skull on the top of the head in the pattern of a mohawk haircut.

While this technique has been practiced for thousands of years, it hasn’t been long since Western medicine discovered lymphatic vessels in the sagittal sinus that literally drain some three pounds of toxic chemicals and plaque out of the brain each year while we sleep.

Until this recent research, Western medicine thought both the brain and central nervous system were completely devoid of lymphatic vessels.

New research has confirmed the Ayurvedic take on brain lymphatics, which suggests that they are related to mood stability and, when congested, can cause a host of brain, mental, and emotional concerns.

1.Lie on bed with head hanging off side. Try to get the head back far enough that nostrils are parallel to floor.

2. The take a couple deep nasal breaths.

3. After a large exhale, using an eye dropper, place two or three drops of the  Nasya Oil directly into both nostrils.

4. Then, with one big inhale, sniff oil quickly and deeply into sinus cavity: hold both nostrils closed, release, and breathe in through the nose while rapidly closing and opening the nostrils.

5. Continue to sniff deeply and spit if needed

6. Repeat sniffing procedure with nasya oil three times.

My own experience and that of my 8 year old and husband with neti and nasya has been incredible. 

And of course, proper sleep, proper diet, asana pranayama and meditation are all necessary compliments to these practices.







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