There is Time for Bliss

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There is time for bliss….
In this cycle of mine
The clock will not strike twelve,
And all roads lead to satchitananada
It is where we come from
And eventually, there shall we dwell.
The heirarchy of evolution,
Is the race of my ego,
I pause to take stock
Of this perceived lack of perfection
Silly me, giving attention to lack
When fulness abides in me.
Instead of rushing, I pause….
I have more time to enjoy the path
Appreciate maya, it really is beautiful.
I am all possibilities, yet drawn to some
Fulfilling lack from pervious lives,
Healing pain, freeing supression.
How beautiful it is to have a soulmate along
Together to help,
Together to grow
Together to share,
Together to realise,
Undivisibly one soul
Grace and blessedness and thanks to God.
2nd July 2009
8.10 a.m
Uttarkashi, Himalayas

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