There is a calm …

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There is a calm before the storm
And then the wind purposefully dances with the trees
Whispering before whistling, before howling
Of secrets of the power that guides it
These secrets are not secrets
They are always playing for those who care to listen
Some people say its a hurricane
To me the wind is playing
cajoling, teasing the trees,
flirting with the waves
pounding the heart of the ocean
as it swells in love to join that which is embracing it in carefree abandon
this day, nature is at play
inviting us to be spectators
living lessons for those that care to look
how to sway with the wind,
dance in the windsong, no resistance, no fear
Maybe even how allow oneself to be uprooted
death is not the end, change is not the enemy,
uncertainty not the fear
There is a calm before the storm,
There is calm during the storm
There is a calm after the storm.
18th September 2010
5.00 p.m

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