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I am going away, to find my way home
No place, no feeling, no person
Without words and reasons
Just my focus and impurities
Trying not to be sad about leaving you alone
On this earthly plane,
after promising to be by your side forever
It is for us to assist each other
To feel solace, knowing we both understand
This world is desire,
Desire is suffering,
Our nature is bliss
Thus we must use our senses to exhaust them
Sear in our desires to singe them
Help and support each other,
So we can be alone,
So we can endure all things
Go beyond all things
And merge in ourselves
We must need separate to be one.
9 July 2009
2.45 p.m
Uttarkashi, Himalayas

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As a mentor, trainer and coach, Mirabelle I support committed yoga lovers to savour the luxury of inner experience and find purpose, pleasure and joy in life through the breath. 


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