Without you

Without you the song has no rhythm
The rain no cadence
The warmth no coziness
The body no protection
The soul no solace
Without you, I cannot be whole
My soul cannot fly
My blood doesnt rush
My senses are wasted
My heart wants to stop keeping time
My breath wants to pause patiently-impatiently
Anticipation is an impatient numbness
Sinking deep, pervading far and wide
Telepathically, eyes closed we connect
Across oceans, across skies,
Breathing of the same love,
Sharing of the same friendship,
Anticipating once again the oneness
Until logistically, meeting is possible
Running in joyous embrace
Together forever, through life, death and rebirths
For death shall not do us part
Bliss is us, to be, to have, to share
Eternally in space, where time doesnt exist
and forever is infinitissemal.
27th June 2009
7.45 p.m
Netala, Himalayas