Baby Backpack to Get Set Go!

What do you do with all the baby stuff you have to carry?
My personal opinion is that the baby handbag/diaper bag is the most counter-intuitive baby accessory every made. Why? Simply because it makes no sense to carry all the weight on one side or to have stuff in your stroller so you can’t really fold it. Whats the alternative? Ye ole backpack. Backpacks are awesome! They balance weight between both shoulders and have good padding for comfort. They have at least 2-3 compartments. The expand more than most bags.
How I use my backpack.
I have a fixed place for everything.
The large front compartment has food, food more food and water.
I always have little pearlpet dabbas with at least 3 of the following at any given time:
* almonds, walnuts or mixed dry fruits (figs are great while teething, so are apricots)
* jamun chips (dehydrated jamun chips these are like aam papad but wo sugar or preservatives) They are great for teething as are soup sticks.
* Homemade granola (takes 10 minutes to make and has loads of nutrition)
* Superfood laddoos (roasted sesame, flax, nachini, walnuts with a dash of amla powder to help absord calcium kneaded together with mashed dates and a lil cardamom powder)
* Sing channa (roasted peanuts and roasted garbanzos)
* Khajur pak (available sugar free at most good mewawalas)
* Water
* A small steel spoon(the one used in masala dabbas. I prefer steel to plastic because its easier to clean and if the foods too hot the spoon heats up so u know before you burn babys tongue)
* Face napkin
*A cloth bag in a bag
(handy for any unplanned shopping,sudden gifts…anything really…and teaches environmental responsibility…yes they learn that young)
One tiny zip compartment on houses my special kit that has
* Mosquito patches
* Soap paper/ sanitizer (I prefer soap paper bec sanitizer has loads of chemicals and alcohol)
*Nelson’s original Bach flower Rescue Remedy Spray
*A sall sachet of electral for hot dehydrating days
*Tissue paper
Main compartment houses
* Diaper changing station (for emergencies and when cloth diapers arent practical)
* Wet wipes
* Mei tie sling
* Nursing cover (this doubles up as a blanket, peek-a-boo hiding curtain, dupatta, sunshade and a million other things )
* Cloth sun hat
* A small sling purse with entertainment that changes every few weeks (finegr puppets, find wally book, pocket lil miss sunshine, story stones)
* A lightweight change of clothes
Really this is lightweight and all that you need. I have ended up having unexpected sleepovers with this bag and we did just fine (except for the toothbrush and paste but hey that’s ok for one night)
Backpack at the back and sling w baby n the front…weight all balanced out, totally hands free and nothing can stop you.