Sādhanā (Sanskrit साधना); a daily practice of yogic tools as a commitment to self-love, compassion and service.

Namaste. I’m Mirabelle.

Do you love yoga and feel alone?

I feel you! I have known the yearning for consistent guidance from someone who knows the nuances of the path. I have known the pain of not having a witness to my journey, a human connection on the spiritual path.

I have the antidote and I’m here to share it.

Sadhana Club was birthed  of divine guidance in meditation and a magnetic calling to provide continuous authentic learning, compassionate support, and community to yoga lovers.


Sadhana Club is an online spiritual sanctuary.

Ready for transformation, clarity, and grace? This community is for you!

The calling, the invitation ….

At Sadhana Club you will be guided to do the work that helps you uncover and relish the gifts of yoga.  Working with me, your fellow sadhakas and wisdom keepers and lineaged teachers from across the world a supportive environment is present through the inevitable resistance that change, even good change brings.

This community of practice is for you if

  • You practice or teach yoga
  • Would like to be in the company of like-hearted seekers
  • You are committed through action (not just philosophy and ideology) to spiritual progress 
  • Have questions about your journey and practice that need answers and guidance to grow  yourself and  by grace inspire others


You are welcome here!


A sneak peak into the experience ….

We meet every 2nd and 4th Monday

from 7:30-9:00 p.m CT via zoom

Through Sadhana Club, you will experience the awe of your gifts and of life itself, savouring the luxury of inner experience.


You will discover expansion through the practice of  philosophy in day to day life, yogic breathwork, nuanced self-inquiry, and a nurturing community.


Healing and clarity will naturally unfold as you unplug from urgency and into deep trust and allowing.


Never feel lost on the spiritual path again!

Receive nourishment and nurture for your journey!

What you receive monthly when you join Sadhana Club……

Svadhyaya Personal Clarity

Personal Clarity through deep svadyaya or self-inquiry and thematic explorations to deepen your understanding of yoga as a way of life.

Satsang Community

Satsang (a community of like-hearted yoga lovers) meeting bi-monthly over zoom, and the continuity of studying, learning, and growing together over an extended period of time (you can’t get this depth of interaction in a short course!)

Live Master Classes

Live access to Master Classes with Mirabelle and inspirational guest teachers ranging from monks, TedX speakers, coaches, and yoga teachers from different lineages sharing ancient wisdom teachings you won’t hear anywhere else.

Additional Resources

Additional resources to more deeply immerse yourself through self-study, including specially curated original meditations, book recommendations, podcasts, journaling playsheets, and more!

Sadhana is a daily spiritual practice as an act of self-love.

Just showing up to Sadhana Club is a commitment to your path!

An authentic community of grace, growth and love!

Testimonials from the Heart of Sadhana Club!

Lynn Walsh

“I honestly didn’t know what it was and came ready with my yoga mat for the first session. I just wanted to continue on a more spiritual path. The biggest change is that I don’t want to miss it.  It feels natural now to have it as part of my life. I like the people.  I like how the subjects make me think about how I’m living my life.”

Michael Dicus

“This practice has been opening me up to the work that needs to be engaged to be able to insight the change needed within, to shift my stream of consciousness from one of lack and scarcity to that of abundance and compassion. Building and utilizing the skills that yoga has to offer and implementing them within my sadhana. I am most grateful for Sadhana Club for the connection with people while in quarantine, to be seen and felt by people across the world. “

Nikita Kissoon

“I desired a community of like-minded individuals who are also seeking. I was struggling with consistency and I felt like Sadhana club could be a pillar to keep me focused and on track. What I love about Sadhana Club is the openness, the material, your teaching style, and just how much I learn. I am enjoying learning the many various ways I can practice. Now, my mind is calmer, there’s less chatter and I way more trusting and open to where my life is at right now. I used to be really anxious about the future, but now I am in a place of surrender knowing everything will happen as it should.”

How It Works

Over the course of 6 months, you will receive


12 live classes (90 minutes) with Mirabelle and guest teachers

Anytime access to the recordings of each class

A community Facebook group for ongoing daily accountability

Recorded audio micro-practices for daily sadhana support

Thematic resources for deepening including journaling playsheets

Zoom In

Sadhana Club meets online over zoom on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month  from 7:30-9:00 p.m CT allowing you to join from the comfort of your home.

Access Resources

Access all class recordings, download micro-practices, brave and kind journaling play sheets. Totally doable sadhana.

Community Connect

Connect whenever you like, share your joys, challenges, ask for guidance all on our facebook group.

Belong to an amazing heartfelt community of yoga lovers!

Commit to being the gift you want to see in the world!

Learning  Connection Joy

Wayne Franklin

“Sadhana Club is a real community of beautiful souls invested in each other’s journey. The live sessions are so insightful and the sadhana playbook helped reveal so much. I really enjoy the resources especially the one with the thumb sliding up and down the fingers. It’s a good way to break through the chatter and like for a quick break at work. So practical…. It’s incredible!”

Lavanya Julaniya

“Mirabelle has been my mentor and guide. Life without her priceless guidance is just not possible. Sadhana Club has introduced me to a world of grace and surrender and made me realize that we are always guided by the tender hand of the unseen. “

Wendy Lauer

“This gentle soul, I believe, has such deep intuition of the needs of her students and I knew she would and could enlighten me with clarity on all aspects of Yoga and likewise be so supportive in my spiritual journey. What I love best, is listening to Mirabelle, and watching how she exudes such love, compassion and encouragement to all her students.  I find this so helpful, for the more I am able to improve, the better I am to serve and love others. I also really love the guest speakers. “

If transformation is what you want. Join us.

You’re doing this for you,  just for you!