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Prāṇā Yantra Live Session + Giveaway


If prana, our vital life force and joyful vitality has felt abstract and impersonal to you, this is about to change! If it has felt wonderful, its going to get more magical!

Unfolding a direct experience of our own Prana….what does it feel like, what is our relationship to it, what does it look like in form?

An immersion in prana mantra with Mirabelle D’Cunha will carry us into an experiential session with Tripti Raikwar, teacher of experiential Sacred geometry and Shakti awakening guiding us to experience of our own prana as we are led to draw our own personal prana yantra.

(You do not need to have any artistic skills for this)

Yantras are always been created for specify deities, purposes, forms…
This is first time we create a yantra for a tantra…

Yantra- tool
A tool for perfecting ones own breath mechanism

Prana Yantra is a tool for enhancing a mechanism

Like upgrading a PROCESSOR for Better SPEED or performance of the CPU

Are you ready to embrace and love your own prana?

Experience Your Prana as Yantra

 Sunday 20th June 2021

Live from 12:00-2:00 p.m ET

How the Prana Yantra Contest Works

  • Attend the Live session or watch the recording.


  • Create your own Prana Yantra


  • Share on Instagram with a  short personal note about your experience of your own prana with the #pranayamasummit


  • Tag all giveaway prize sponsors in the caption.


  • This enters you into a random draw to win one of many amazing prizes.

How to Join the Prana Yantra Session

Sunday June 20th 2021
12:00 noon to 2:00 p.m ET

Join on Zoom
Meeting ID: 507 073 7803
Passcode: 108

Join on Facebook Live
Space on zoom is limited, so this session will also be streamed Live on Facebook

If you are unable to make the Live session, a recording has also been provided and available throughout the duration of the Summit. You can enter the Prana Yantra contest at any time June 20-27th.

    What you will need for the session


    A3 size papers (2-3)

    Lead Pencil


    Compass and Protractor (geometry tools)

    coloured pencils or crayons or watercolours etc to colour the yantra once it is created.

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