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Wendy Lauer

” I do want to let you know how grateful I am for your offering and sharing your knowledge of the science of Yoga in engaging with breath so deeply as to experience it as drinking and absorbing the Divine nectar.Thank you for this devotional treasure.  It has given me greater awareness of the joy of breath, our offerings and blessings and how we are able to distribute the nectar like a honey bee    These nine days have been so helpful and instructional for me in striving to reach a deeper spiritual concentration through breath and in realizing how breath can be so healing.

Thank you for helping me grow in Divine knowledge.Mirabelle, you have no idea (or maybe you do ) how much this has helped me focus – I’ve been longing for this for some time – so thank you!! “

Michael Dicus

“I have been loving the intimacy breath practices, they are sweet sips of connection and relief during very difficult times. I have been really enjoying the moments when I authentically and intimately connect with my breath, the moments that the internal tingling and expansion of feelings occurred. They are wonderful and powerful moments of healing and embracing my embodied breath. Thank you for this experience in breath and yoga.”

Vipul Shaha

“I have been a regular practitioner of Yoga and Pranayama.  Practicing ‘Intimacy with Breath’ along with Mirabelle was a truly novel and moving experience for me. I began to sense into this beautiful, intimate connection that the breath has with my mind-body-spirit.  Had never really realized that breathing can be such a joyous journey! It was a beautiful reminder that the breath is my beloved companion, so sweet and generous in every moment.  So much gratitude for this precious gift dear Mirabelle!”