Biodynamic process for clarity and ease.




the process

What is co-meditation?

Co-meditation involves connecting with your heart’s deepest desire and navigating through the discomfort in your body in order to receive ease. With presence, prompts and guidance, the trained facilitator will support you in reducing or releasing long term nervous system charge being held in the body. From here you will be guided to a process that will help you uncover the support you need to offer yourself through committed action.

How does co-meditation work?

A typical session lasts 60 minutes. You may begin with a goal in mind or just an openness to explore. I will guide you through co-meditation processes that help you find clarity and clear action going forward. This can be an in person or a zoom session.

Is there a scientific basis to co-meditation?

Yes, absolutely. When we are triggered, our limbic system (part of our brain involved in behavioural and emotional responses) takes over and our prefrontal cortex (the part of the brain used for logical thinking) goes offline. This may lead to us reacting in ways we regret later.  

As part of the limbic system response, we feel all kinds of physical biofeedback such as a churning stomach, a hot flush, tense muscles, or shakiness from pumping adrenalin. What we often do is ignore these or mute them with distraction, medication, and more. These remain unprocessed and are held as a charge in the nervous system. We cope with situations or bypass them through forced positive thinking or ignoring or “keeping busy”.

Through the co-meditation processes, we facilitate the nervous system to release this built-up charge, this overwhelm. This allows us to rewire our system and brain responses to meet familiar triggers in radically new ways.

How do I know if co-meditation is right for me?

If you are doing your best, perhaps even thinking positively but are feeling fatigued and drained, co-meditation can help you. If you have chronic pain, tightness in the shoulders, neck and chest, regular headaches, inconsistent appetite, insomnia, anxiety, your body is giving you clear bio-feedback that it is not at ease.

In co-meditation we meet the body where it is, thus slowly meeting ourselves with honesty and presence. Co-meditation can be an excellent addition along with whatever you may be doing i.e diet, exercise, therapy and medication.

What is unique about this process?

This is not a prescription based method, where I tell you what to do, or look into your future to divine anything or clear your energy. I facilitate you to uncover the answers within you by helping you navigate the discomfort that may be holding you back. It’s practical and profound.

How is co-meditation different from meditation?

During a silent meditation, you may find you are completely distracted in your mind, pinged by thought after thought.

Guided meditations may be relaxing but are often theme based, so you are listening with a goal, listening to the audio guide, not really to your own body and its score. Often meditation is used as an escape from reality, a space of solace.

Real change comes from being with what is and navigating the discomfort into clarity. In co-meditation, you are listening to you, feeling your body, with succinct prompts from a trained facilitator.

How many sessions of co-meditation will I need?

It is recommended to do 1-3 sessions to begin with. Some people take to it like a fish in water and some take some time. The more non-negotiable your happiness is to you, the more you are willing to commit to yourself and trust the process, the more you will receive.

 How you feel in your body afterwards would be a good guide to assess your readiness for this. If you decide this is for you, discuss your goals with your trained facilitator to decide the course of action.


What Clients are Saying

“profoundly impactful”

“God sent, miracle worker, the best-kept secret in Cayman. The treatment for my insomnia, depression, and anxiety in such a short span of time. Zero judgement.

I was asleep for many years but I didn’t realise how far gone I was. 

Because of the healing done through this work, it feels as though I am looking through big, bright new eyes. My heart is bursting open. I feel free, safe, and at peace. I have rediscovered the beauty, innocence, and joy of my own self that I shut out for so long.


“groundbreaking insight”

Mirabelle is tough but fair. When I was trying to break my own boundaries she was clear that I could not talk myself out of my commitment. Her intelligence, science based knowledge mixed with insight, wisdom and practical solutions were groundbreaking.  She inspired me to love and nurture myself, relentlessly, every day. I stopped numbing my emotions and began to truly feel them instead. I gained deep respect and love for myself. Mirabelle helped me to understand, in deep lived sense that self-love is action.


“perfect elixir, transformed”

I was brought to my knees literally, tears, screams, joy, laughter all combined into a perfect elixir that transformed the many shadows within myself that simply wanted to be acknowledged and released. She unravelled and uprooted my deepest fears and unapologetic desires with her delicate yet powerful co-meditation practices and introspection techniques. Mirabelle saw the beauty, resilience and strength within me that was simply waiting for me all long. Now I see it too.


“without judgment”

I reached a point where enough was enough. Living to get through the day became exhausting and I knew something needed to be done. I saw Mirabelle for co-meditation to work through some of that weight I felt in my life – not knowing what to expect – and boy, did we go for a ride.With her guidance, soothing voice, and safe environment, we went through a journey into some core memories that have directed much of my life- without judgement. From here, I have been able to make adjustments and tap back into my being. I feel so grateful.”


Hi, I’m Mirabelle.

I am here to support your desires by empowering you to connect initmately with life. We do this together by bravely and vulnerably experiencing the whole specturm of your emotions and desires. 

In our work together, there is no right or wrong, only what arises from the body when we meet it with a pure desire to feel, listen and acknowledge its experience, all that it is holding inside.

Intimacy with breath, co-meditation and nurturing commitment are the pillars that allow grace to unfold in our journey together. 

I provide a simple, practical and deeply loving space to allow you to unplug from urgency, into deep trust and allowing. 

Meet Mirabelle

In the words of one of her client’s “Mirabelle blends practical science and broad expert knowledge with.. well her secret sauce… undefinable energy that you will hear and feel

Mirabelle is a HeartMath Interventions Trainer (protocol followed at Mayo Clinic, Kaiser Permanente etc) , Yoga Teacher and functional Breathing facilitator. Endorsed by the Deepak Chopra Foundation and attended by thousands, Mirabelle created the world’s 1st Pranayama Breathing Summit in 2021, featuring  24 of the world’s most  adept wisdom keepers and scientists.

Her study of yoga and alternative healthcare practices began in 1998. She studied with monks of the Sivananda Lineage and received her 2 year Diploma in Yoga at Mumbai University. She also studied with vaidya (Ayurvedic doctor), surgeon and Vedantin Dr. Manjunath Gururaj. 

In addition, she holds a certification in Yoga Nidra for Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety and Insomnia. She has trained in resilience and trauma centered practices with Molly Birkholm founder of Warriors at Ease that supports post traumatic healing in veterans across the United States. She is currently studying and living the practices of  Sri Vidya under the guidance of Dr. Kavitha Chinnaiyan. 

A panelist and teacher for Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Programs, Mirabelle has taught in  person in corporate settings, healing spaces, yoga ashrams and studios in India, the USA, Canada, Bahamas, Bermuda, and the Cayman Islands. In Cayman she has conducted yoga relaxation and team building workshops for DART, Intertrust, National Gallery, National Trust, Breast Cancer Foundation, DMS, TTA among others.

Practicality, Joy and Intimacy with Breath are at the heart of how Mirabelle approaches all of her work in this world.

“I am an accountant by professional and it was always about planning and working hard to get the desired results. But life does not go this way.  I decided to seek Mirabelle’s help to understand whats going on.

I discovered myself during these sessions, many things surfaced which were kind of buried into my sub conscious mind. I never imagined those incidents were hindering my progress on a personal and spiritual level. This process redifined me and made me have the courage to love myself and accept myself the way I am. The journey is a bit hard and the path is rough, but I felt I was reborn.”



“When you meet Mirabelle and she takes you under her wing, it goes beyond. She’s a life mentor, a compass, and a friend. Mirabelle can change your present moment with a single voice note that will uplift and remind you of who you are. There isn’t a single person who wouldn’t benefit from her guidance once you’re ready.”


“After spending years of hiding my true self and not knowing how to deal with certain situations with the aide of Mirabelle I was able to face past traumas. I found a new way to live a more graceful, simple life with less complicated thoughts, to judge myself and others less and just overall live a full life. I am very grateful to have crossed paths with Mirabelle and I know that anyone else who does will come away feeling all the better as she is a true healer with grace, kindness and love for all.”


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