I Love You That Is Me

Mirabelle-0053                                                 I love you that is me
The stillness, the silence
The waves, the dance
You long to be like me,
I long to be like you,
We meet, live, love, merge along the way
And are no longer two
Sivananda Ashram
Val Morin, Canada
23 June 2010
1.20 p.m

There is a calm …

There is a calm …

There is a calm before the storm
And then the wind purposefully dances with the trees
Whispering before whistling, before howling
Of secrets of the power that guides it
These secrets are not secrets
They are always playing for those who care to listen
Some people say its a hurricane
To me the wind is playing
cajoling, teasing the trees,
flirting with the waves
pounding the heart of the ocean
as it swells in love to join that which is embracing it in carefree abandon
this day, nature is at play
inviting us to be spectators
living lessons for those that care to look
how to sway with the wind,
dance in the windsong, no resistance, no fear
Maybe even how allow oneself to be uprooted
death is not the end, change is not the enemy,
uncertainty not the fear
There is a calm before the storm,
There is calm during the storm
There is a calm after the storm.
18th September 2010
5.00 p.m

Dance Siren

Routine ends
unpredictability donnes her long gathered dress
dances in my face
whirling and swirling
swishing ans swashing metres of cloth
all a blur
her music sans conventional harmony
….. must get accustomed
…………..skirt wirls
………………S / L/ A/ P/S face
…………………..erases mind
……churns emotion
tries like the false siren to lure away
heart knows, dance eternal muse
bodyless, shapeless,
metamophosizing metamorphosis
transgressing gravity
lures inspite of herself
……..”god” speaks
…………..without speech
…………………without movement
……………………..without sound
all shapes in one shape in no shape
MUST seek like the rat seeks the piper
though the end be doom
Wrote this poem when i felt compelled, mentally, physically and in state beyond those two to allow myself to “choose” dance as my “career” path.
Sometimes one finds an image to that which one has put in words… these two images of Rassouli are exactly how i felt.
Photo credit: Rassouli

Without you

Without you the song has no rhythm
The rain no cadence
The warmth no coziness
The body no protection
The soul no solace
Without you, I cannot be whole
My soul cannot fly
My blood doesnt rush
My senses are wasted
My heart wants to stop keeping time
My breath wants to pause patiently-impatiently
Anticipation is an impatient numbness
Sinking deep, pervading far and wide
Telepathically, eyes closed we connect
Across oceans, across skies,
Breathing of the same love,
Sharing of the same friendship,
Anticipating once again the oneness
Until logistically, meeting is possible
Running in joyous embrace
Together forever, through life, death and rebirths
For death shall not do us part
Bliss is us, to be, to have, to share
Eternally in space, where time doesnt exist
and forever is infinitissemal.
27th June 2009
7.45 p.m
Netala, Himalayas

There is Time for Bliss

There is time for bliss….
In this cycle of mine
The clock will not strike twelve,
And all roads lead to satchitananada
It is where we come from
And eventually, there shall we dwell.
The heirarchy of evolution,
Is the race of my ego,
I pause to take stock
Of this perceived lack of perfection
Silly me, giving attention to lack
When fulness abides in me.
Instead of rushing, I pause….
I have more time to enjoy the path
Appreciate maya, it really is beautiful.
I am all possibilities, yet drawn to some
Fulfilling lack from pervious lives,
Healing pain, freeing supression.
How beautiful it is to have a soulmate along
Together to help,
Together to grow
Together to share,
Together to realise,
Undivisibly one soul
Grace and blessedness and thanks to God.
2nd July 2009
8.10 a.m
Uttarkashi, Himalayas

The World Bursts Forth

The World Bursts Forth

he world bursts forth —-
rests henceforth
In a shroud of peaceful green
raindrops on leaves —–
trill, touch, tremble
leaves—-taste, dance,
are possessed with sheer beauty
~           ~a             ~c
~d                  ~n              ~e
aspire to reach the blue above
to share, to reflect
to etherize into ether
to smile.
9th July 2002
Netala Uttarkashi