Breathe Into A Radiant You

Does this sound like you?

  • You find yourself anxious and restless and unworthy despite all your achievements and relationships
  • You struggle to access forgiveness for yourself or others
  • You wish to have clarity and better communication in your relationships with others
  • You are looking to find purpose and vision for your life beyond what you do
  • You want to feel joyful and light 

Imagine what it would feel like to:

  • Raise your vibration, feel whole again, and be IN-JOY!
  • Be your authentic self at all times
  • Stop letting your subconscious fears make decisions for you
  • Live in joy, purpose and compassion

This is exactly why I created the Breathe Into A Radiant You experience!

PS: This picture is of my BIRY student Danielle!

During this program you will:

  • Tune into your soul desires for fulfillment and contentment as they serve you AND the world
  • Feel a surge of energy as you release anger, unworthiness and other limiting holding patterns 
  • Find and access forgiveness for yourself or others
  • Integrate, recognize and rewrite subconscious patterns that have been in quiet control
  • Navigate challenging emotions without ignoring or dorwning them in forced positive slef talk.
  • Learn compassionate communication so you can express your needs as well as meet the needs of others.
  • Clarity and purpose for your relationship with yourself, others and with work

Here is what I know to be true:

Healing and joy are our birthright. We can either allow them in now, or when the challenges make us unable to ignore the call to healing.

Let’s unwrap the gifts of healing NOW!

“When you meet Mirabelle and she takes you under her wing, it goes beyond the yoga mat., She’s a life mentor, a compass, and a friend. Mirabelle can change your present moment with a single voice note that will uplift and remind you of who you are. There isn’t a single person who wouldn’t benefit from her guidance once you’re ready.”
-Trina Savage

“After spending years of hiding my true self and not knowing how to deal with certain situations that some might find very simple to deal with. I learnt with the aide of Mirabelle through the “Breath I to a radiant program” simple techniques how to face past traumas and new way to live a more graceful, simple life with less complicated thoughts, to judge others less and just overall live a full life. I am very grateful to have crossed paths with Mirabelle and I know that anyone else who does will come away feeling all the better as she is a true healer with grace, kindness and love for all who come across her”
-Alice Aherne

“Although I had done a pretty good job of building what one would consider ‘ A good life, there was still something missing. An inner void, a pit of darkness, a silent uneasiness, a tornado of stifled breath that could easily bring me to my knees.

But A revolt was building inside of me, little by little, meditation after meditation I was intuitively guided to higher ground which came in the form of the beautiful Mirabelle Sivajoti.

In our 9-week journey together, she unravelled and uprooted my deepest fears and unapologetic desires with her delicate yet powerful breathing techniques, meditation practices and introspection techniques.

I was brought to my knees literally, tears, screams, joy, laughter all combined into a perfect elixir that transformed the many shadows within myself that simply wanted to be acknowledged and released.

Mirabelle saw the beauty, resilience and strength within me that was simply waiting for me all long. With her patience, unwavering love, dedication, prayers and support – I can now see it too. Whilst all answers would never be revealed all at once, I trust and surrender deeply knowing everything serves a purpose and a higher version of myself is emerging.

A miracle worker, An alchemist, A divinely placed messenger – Mirabelle is ready to serve you if you are ready to serve yourself. Say yes and watch the magic unfold!”
-Nikita Kissoon

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What to Expect

Breathe Into a Radiant You is a  3 Month Program that includes 9 sessions of 60 minutes booked at your convenience.

You will also receive these amazing Bonuses:

Bonus 1 :

Powerful micro-practice meditations 5-7 minutes long so you can enjoy a daily guided practice that recharges, grounds and brings clarity to you everyday.

Bonus 2 :

Suggested reading and deep dive journaling playbooks so you can have deeper insights and gentle shifts into profound and sustainable growth and contentment.

“Godsent, Miracle worker, The best-kept secret! The treatment for my insomnia, depression, and anxiety in such a short span of time. Zero judgment “You are welcome, as you are,” she says A prodder for sure – but knows what you need before you are even able to admit or accept that you do.

Because of the healing done through her breathwork practice, it feels as though I am looking through big, bright new eyes. My heart is bursting open. A deeper service to the community is now my strongest desire. I feel free, safe, and at peace. “There must be more” has been my daily prayer for a long time. But with Mirabelle, “more” has already begun. Her light has sparked a white fire within me that can never be put out.”

Danielle Watler

Schedule a 20 minute consult to find out if this for you


I’m Mirabelle D’Cunha.

I am here to help you joyously uncover your purpose and find pleasure and intimacy in life.

We do this together, through the delicious practice of yogic breathwork, delicate self-enquiry and nurturing. 

I provide a simple, practical and deeply loving space to allow you to unplug from urgency, into deep trust and allowing. 

About Mirabelle

Mirabelle is in an intimate relationship with yoga as a breath-ing experience and has been on the path of living yoga for 19 years, studying with swamis (monks) and teachers from the Sivananda Saraswati lineage and at Mumbai University.

Mirabelle has taught at yoga ashrams and studios in India, the USA, Canada, Bahamas, Bermuda, and the Cayman Islands and is a guest teacher on yoga teacher trainings on pranayama, bhakti yoga, and the deeper nuances of yoga as a living practice. She has also been a speaker and panelist for Yoga Alliance, the world’s largest yoga licensing body for yoga teachers.

Are you ready to

Allow yourself your most radiant expansive life ever?

Sustainably amplify purpose, connection and joy?

Stop postponing fulfilment?

Breathe Into a Radiant You is a  3 Month Program that includes 9 sessions of 60 minutes booked at your convenience.

Schedule a  FREE 20 minute consult to find out if this for you