Almost Midnight

by | Jul 13, 2014 | Poems | 0 comments

The Lord came to me
In the silence of my head
Electrocuting all confusion
One thought, one intuition
“That which you hold on to
Perceiving it as your creation
Perceiving it as that which you nurtured
Was a gift from me to you
A gift that was given
That you may be led;
Into the darkness, that you may seek the light,
Into deep despair, that you may seek hope
Into the apparent end, that you may have new beginning.
It is time to move on,
Further away,
Distance yourself, That you may get closer to me
Surrender, forgive and more so bless,
Fear your light no more,
In shining the sun does not lose its brightness,
In giving warmth the sun does not lose its heart.”
“Allow yourself to be led,
For I seek you perseverently,
I seek you that seeks me,
Accept me as I am you,
Discard the old garments,
I am waiting to clothe you in light,
Waiting to lead you onto new paths
Waiting for you to become one with me to become one with you.”
The Lord came to me in the silence of my head,
And I reverentially held him there
Bowed my head
And by him, I am being led.

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