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“Meeting Mirabelle and practicing yoga with her is one of the best things that happened to me! She is the most passionate, knowledgeable and gentle yoga teacher. In her classes she goes beyond the physical and teaches deeper awareness and understanding of each posture. The classes include breathing, relaxation and meditation. After each class I feel more connected to my true self and my body and mind are rejuvenated!”

-Albena Karadzova
Yoga Teacher & Montessori Educator


“The team at HMCI are strong believers that staff wellness and team building should be integrated into the work we do as first responders. As such we recently participated in a Yoga Nidra session with Mirabelle. It was such a wonderful way to get some well needed rest and relaxation and we are so grateful to her for giving us the opportunity to share her practice with us.”

Dani Coleman
Director, HMCI (Hazard Management Cayman Islands)

“Mirabelle’s Spiritual Journaling course is unlike any other course I’ve seen. It’s a mix between becoming a watcher of your thoughts and being your own accountability coach. The Spiritual journal template she shares with you is a transformational tool that helps you become a better version of you, every day.”

Suzanne Klein
CEO and Founder @ Rewrite Your Future Ltd

“Mirabelle thanks sooo much for your time, patience and love. I usually work with to-do lists myself daily… But never thought that one should hv a mission statement for one’s life too! This was one BIG message I got for myself. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge which is so scientific that I tend to understand the logic behind it… And hence practice it.Loads of gratitude and love!”

Varnika Agarwal
CEO My Big Leap, Career Coach and Education Consultant

“The categories that go into journaling are so very interesting! If not for this playshop I would never imagine I could put these sections into a journal.

Also, the fact that a journal could be so simple was amazing as I thought a journal meant writing sentences & pages about your thoughts & actions.

I loved the fact that it is so simple that there cannot be excuses to maintain a journal!”

-Janki Haridas

“I recently did Mirabelle’s headstand course which seemed like a natural next step having also completed her meditation and fundamentals of yoga courses, both of which were wonderful. I have had chronic neck pain and headaches for years, so I was quite nervous about learning an asana where I felt I would be putting a great deal of pressure on my neck. However, I needn’t have worried. Mirabelle is a very intuitive and meticulous teacher and showed me exactly how to progress step by step so that the pose was totally painless and I had no soreness afterwards.  Most importantly Mirabelle taught the group that the breath was absolutely critical to the pose and with slow and deep breathing it became a very focused and meditative practice. When I was finally able to do a steady headstand it felt like such an incredible achievement.  Mirabelle is a  wonderful teacher, beautiful soul and lovely person all round!”

Charlotte Beales-Hart
Lawyer and Wellness Coach

” I was very impressed with the practical, every day life tie-ins Mirabelle made to the yamas and niyamas. Those are things we often think about as lofty ideals and goals for “one day,” but you made them actual actionable items and I loved that! Mirabelle has such a lovely energy, she is full of knowledge and incredibly smart and also has a deep love and respect for the lineage of yoga. Her reverence and enthusiasm for the practice is evident in the way she speaks and the depth of the information she shares .”

-Ashley Koons
Yoga Teacher

“I feel really connected with the way Mirabelle teaches. She offers the type of guidance you can’t find in a studio or by doing a google search. She connects spirituality and science and I’m loving it!”


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24 wisdom keepers & cutting edge scientists share how to invite, ignite and allow prana – the life force – to expand your vitality!

Be guided, comforted and awakened by this gentle practice  allowing peace to arise,  clarity to reveal itself and purpose to blossom.

Through this journey, you’ll touch the most intimate experience of life through breath in just 9 days.

The perfect home companion to practice for all levels. Includes practice to Surya Mantras and bija mantras and practice to ease anxiety.

Practice Pranayama in the most unique way. Let expectation fade away, fall into grace,  fall in love again.

Over 18 hours of heart melting, soul stirring, mind expanding talks on the full practice of Bhakti Yoga. *watched in 60 countries

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